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Model United Nations – By DBM

DBM organised the first ever Model United Nations conducted by a non-profit.
The turnout was mind boggling where young college students discussed about issues that affect the country and the world.


The maiden edition of, Dharma Bharti Mission’s Maharashtra Model United Nations conference.

Stemming out of the vision of DBM, Maharashtra MUN is a conference aiming to be like no other and moulded in the image of service and an indomitable spirit to live up to the words of the father of our nation, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. With this ideal in mind, the OC embarked on a journey to bring one of the finest conferences in the state and country. And with the sole aim of an MUN being to simulate the actual United Nations, the organising team took great care while preparing the committees and agendas.

The conference comprises of four committees with all-encompassing agendas. We have, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, or the UNODC, the world’s foremost authority on illegal trade of illicit narcotics and international crime. With growing focus on the trade of narcotics, the damaging effects of drugs, and the clamour for legalisation of marijuana all over the world, the thought was that it would be relevant to simulate a committee this important at this conference, with the agenda being: Discussing trade of narcotics as the financial backbone of extremist organisations.

Another simulating, probably one of the most vital councils of the UN, the United Nations Human Rights Council, with its agenda being: Reviewing the international development policies for global hunger and poverty reduction. Be it Syria or South Sudan, Yemen or Eritrea, Afghanistan or Sierra Leone, Libya or Ethiopia, global poverty and hunger is the one of the world most horrible ills. It is imperative that we as a society fight together against poverty and this agenda, is a reflection of the principles of DBM–A Hunger free India

The third committee is something much closer to home than the rest. A full blown replication of the Lok Sabha, as it is. And what better a time to discuss corruption and black money in public life than now, in the wake of demonetisation, probably the biggest policy decision made in the world these past few months.

Finally, is the United Nations Security Council. A committee synonymous with world peace and security but also with the heaviest of responsibilities. For the agenda of the UNSC, we have, to paraphrase Mr. Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’, taken the road less travelled by. At a time where everyone would want to continue stressing on the current conflicts all over the world, we at Maharashtra MUN have decided to provide our own perspective with an agenda that reads: Discussing Transnational Movement across Pandemic and Epidemic regions.

Perspective is an important thing today. At a time where the United Nations is slowly and steadily losing relevance, a time when sanctions are just words on paper and a time when populism all over the world is giving birth to fear and an increasing reliance of military strength, it is important that all of us take a step back and pause. Pause to change our perspective, if not entirely, but partially. To see the world from an empathetic lens and to make decisions that positively affect as many people as possible. It is in this space that Maharashtra MUN seeks to reside, a space where even if you do end up on the losing side of the competition, you leave with the perspective which ensures that humanity ends up on the winning side. We hope to be able to aid you in becoming better people, and hopefully some day, global leaders.

Over 120 delegates from all over India are taking part and we encourage them to partake in deliberation that takes into account their as well as the world’s interests, at a time where the planet is hurtling away from these ideals at a breakneck speed. On behalf of the team at Maharashtra MUN, wr hope they have the most enlightening and enriching of conferences. Thank you and good luck.
Our Chief Guest Mr Julio Riberio and Founder President Mr Paramjeet Singh,Mr Jaideep Mirashi our Guest of Honour and Student heads Shivam,Arjun and Simar Inaugurated the Conference .



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