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Model United Nations – By DBM

DBM organised the first ever Model United Nations conducted by a non-profit. The turnout was mind boggling where young college students discussed about issues that affect the country and the world.   The maiden edition of, Dharma Bharti Mission’s Maharashtra Model United Nations conference. Stemming out of the vision of

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Food for Cancer Affected Children

Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t. As per the latest UN report published on 28th May 2015. The number of hungry people in world has come down to 795 million, 215 m down from last decade. But despite that India continues to have the second largest population of

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2nd Innnings

The 2nd innings activity centre is a cost free activity and learning center for senior citizens. Objective This activity centre was started with the objective of creating a community for senior citizens who are neglected by society. With the idea of bringing people together and providiing them with opportunities to learn and stay healthy, DBM

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Project Saffron

With a month of no sleep, hard work, dedication and an efficient, result oriented team, we, the Project Saffron Team, are delighted to announce that we have SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED our target of setting up computer labs in slum schools across Mumbai. You are welcome to visit the schools at any

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