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Patang Scholars Program is a joint initiative of Dharma Bharathi Mission and Atmasantosh Foundation for talented, ambitious, underprivileged students who need financial support and wish to pursue  a higher education. We aim to support such students and provide them with the skills and resources they require to become well-developed, successful and socially responsible leaders. Our aspiration is to create a group of students who will help build the nation by becoming role models in their community. Their dedication, commitment and empathetic nature will differentiate them from others and enable them to help other students from similar backgrounds accelerate their growth and progress.

The program is open to students who have completed the 10th standard and have received 80% or above in their 10th standard examinations. On selection, the students will receive a scholarship for junior college along with holistic development training over the year. Patang Scholars who excel in their batch will be considered for undergraduate scholarships.