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DBM Joins The Global Action Against Poverty Program

Aligned to The UN’s #1 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of “No Poverty”, The Global Action Against Poverty’s objective is to accelerate the impact produced by a diverse set of committed, passionate individuals (“Changemakers”), who are tirelessly working to bring people out of poverty through myriad ways.

Our Managing Trustee – Mr Paramjeet Singh was nominated by the GAP team as a changemaker this year. A changemaker not only needs resources & networks, but also need to build his/her own capabilities to considerably increase the impact on a poor person’s life through their enterprise or initiative. It is with this purpose that Mr Singh would undergo the Changemaker training.


The network that we would now be able to access and the facilities and tools which come as a part of this incubation would help us take our enterprise to the next level.

  1. We would participate in the Mentoring, Coaching and volunteering program so that our changemaker is empowered to accelerate the progress and impact.
  2. We would attempt to access specific funds and development budgets for our targeted programs fighting poverty.
  3. We would seek legal, accounting and marketing help to scale our operations.
  4. We would try to solve our issues related to resource constraints.

GAP comes as as excellent opportunity to scale our impact and work around poverty and hunger eradication. We would share much more from the ground as we progress on this project.

The ultimate idea is to reach new ideas and solutions to the masses, opportunities reach the needy, communities are sustained and finally individuals and larger stakeholders are able to hope, dream and create a more abundant future for themselves and their families.



Saptarshi Baksi