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DBM Celebrates Women’s Day 2017

We celebrated Women’s Day at our Empowerment Centers for Women at Govandi ,Trombay and Santacruz.
Our basic idea was to encourage the students to come out with their observations and feelings when it comes to women empowerment. We wanted them to express their thoughts around the topic.


  •  The importance and reasons behind celebration of women’s days were highlighted.
  • History of Women’s Day celebration was shared.
  • Achievements of Women in various fields were discussed.
  •  Students Gave speech on women’s worth and capabilities.
  • Students wrote their opinions on Women is… (Strength/Mother/Struggler etc)
  • Teachers Shared their life experiences and odds that their journey to reach current position.
  • 30 Reasons of being Super Women activity conducted.
  • There were competitions,games and talent hunts and fun activities.
  • All students pledge that they will educate themselves and their children (girls/boys)to the best possible.We are proud to be associated with the hopes and dreams of this women contingent 🙂 

Saptarshi Baksi