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When We went to Teach a Few Students and Then Found The Whole Village needed Help

When We went to Teach a Few Students and Then Found The Whole Village needed Help

Around July 2016, we were invited by the Interagrated Rural Development authorities at the Peinth village. Its only after we reached to trained about 400 tribal students in this taluka in Nashik that its always important to solve the root cause of problems first.

Peinth village is an 100% Scheduled Tribe area and the literacy and education levels are very low. When we started training the youth we realized there was a water scarcity in the area and the girls were often spending hours carrying water and our efforts were going to waste. We needed to solve the root cause of the problem if we wanted to have any impact in the area.

There started a collaborative effort.

  1. We started supplying tanker water to this area. In the summer months during February to June, we sent about 6000-7000 tankers in the area.
  2. We started recharging the wells in the region – Peinth had about 70 villages and we identified two villages where we could start the work.
    Well recharging process was a first time for us and we took the help of our volunteer ‘Santu Bhai’. He taught us how to create pits and attach water purification systems with coal.
  3. We recharged 7-8 wells in this area with an average expenditure of Rs  10ooo-11000 each.
  4. Checkdam Creation : During the dry months the animals and the farms also needed water. So with the help of local experts we created 3 new check dams.

The cost of building each check dam was around investment of 70000-80000 and it was the first time we learnt the complex wall making procedure and created a layered system for good quality check dams.

We were utterly overjoyed when the district government authorities recognised our efforts.