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DBM members celebrates Diwali with Cancer Patients

“We live by years but few live by moments, for them each day is so precious, yet they are smiling…”

Our DBM Team members shared their heart-rending experience as they spend time celebrating Diwali with cancer affected children at Ghadghe Ashram Dadar.

It was really an uplifting and soul-stirring to see children playing and being naughty inspire of their illness. We thought maybe they weren’t aware of the magnitude of their health problems. It was heartbreaking to see people especially children suffering from this dreaded disease.

We did our bit to make their Diwali special by sharing gifts and providing nutritious food. We genuinely hope that these people are able to overcome their illness with positivity and proper medical assistance.

As we spend time with them we realized how lucky we are and yet we take our health for granted.

We should increase awareness about Cancer and gain knowledge about building strong immunity. We genuinely felt we should be thankful to God for our lives and in order to live a healthy life we should keep surroundings clean, maintain good hygiene, avoid junk food, processed food, eat foods that keep our body alkaline which helps fights illness.