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Volunteer Speak

This week in Volunteer Speak we have another young and extremely dynamic volunteer-Srujana!
My name is Srujana Gummalla. I’m a final year student of Liberal Arts Honours from NMIMS University and I’m Specialising in Psychology.

My journey with DBM began a few months back. Schools had started reopening online which meant that each student had to have an internet connection as well as an electronic device to access school classes. I read about students and parents facing hardships because they couldn’t afford either of these “necessities”. The thought that an opportunity to learn is being taken away from a child just because he/she is not “privileged enough”, broke me. Just when I was wondering how I could help, I came across DBM’s fundraising campaign to help buy these services for the underprivileged so that nothing comes in the way of their education.

While I was working on the campaign, I also got to know about the other kinds of social-work that DBM does. Having had prior experience in volunteer-teaching projects in India and Vietnam, I applied to volunteer for DBM’s ECCE Course which trains and certifies women to become teachers. Next thing I know, I’m in an online class with 20 beautiful women, each with an inspiring story that pushes me to give them the best I can. Going into this course, I thought I would be teaching them, but I ended up learning so much from them every single day.

I squeeze these classes between my college lectures and assignments but I really enjoy the hustle. The only problem arises when I have a lecture right after but the students refuse to end the class because they’re just having so much fun and I have no complaints about that whatsoever!

I am lucky to have been born in a family where my goals have not been restricted by lack of privilege. Therefore, I believe that it’s my duty to not take my privilege for granted and help those in need.

I love the DBM culture and how tight-knit the family is. I’m grateful to Paramjeet Sir for having faith in me and giving me this opportunity!