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Employment – 16 DBM students placed in jobs

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. In our country, not everyone is privileged to get a decent education.

DBM INDIA in the last 13 years has tackled all odds and taken the initiative to Educate those who are struggling to pursue education and to empower those who are unable to do so; – through our Vocational Training and Placements.

From April 2020, due to the ongoing Pandemic many people lost their jobs, students were forced to leave their studies and vocational trainings.

But we are both proud and humbled to say that our Team and Students both didn’t lose hope. They moved successfully from an offline mode to an online mode of Teaching and Learning and on completion have been getting jobs.

Today we at DBM India are happy to share that 16 of our students have been employed by Apnalaya NGO.

11 of them with a computer background are appointed as Survey Executives and their work is to do survey of 50 houses a day. And 5 of them trained in Early Childhood Education Course have been appointed to work along with them to help them identify and connect with special children. Two of these will man the new center that the NGO is planning to open at Cheetah camp.

Though there were many problem faced by the students like these due to pandemic- their families lost their jobs and they faced financial crisis, stress and even deaths. In some cases the parent/ deceased parent were the sole earners of the family.

While it made them feel like the situation is impossible, they joined DBM Vocational Training to build a new skill set and decided to become the earners for their family. We are very humbled to have played a small role in their empowerment and wish them the very best and a bright future.

On behalf of our 16 students, we are whole heartedly thankful to all our DBM friends, well-wishers and supporters for giving them this opportunity.