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Food grain distribution

Dear DBM friends and well wishers-

Hunger :The other Pandemic Sweeping the Nation :

The disease ripping through the country is only one of the destructive forces affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians. The dramatic increase in hunger is another.

As we have seen from the results of a recent survey, all households reported falling income — only 6 per cent said their income had not changed while another 4 per cent did not respond. 27 per cent of households had no income at all over the period from the start of the lockdown to October 2020, while for another 24 per cent their incomes had halved. Income declines of this severity are nothing less than catastrophic.

DBM apart from its education and skilling work has continued the Ration Kit distribution. In The last 15 days #khalsaaid, our very generous donor and friend, has donated a whooping 1000 kits initially and is working towards providing more in the coming weeks. We cannot thank them enough for this humanitarian gesture of ensuring that all the needy get food to eat.

We Salute you all DBM India Donors, Supporters and Well wishers for your continued selfless support due to which from the First Day of the Pandemic till Date we have been able to provide uninterrupted Food grain Supply to the Needy .