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Orientation program on Cyber Security and IOT

We the Team of DBM India, together with NIIT Foundation and CISCO Conducted an Orientation program on Cyber Security and IOT (Internet of Things) on the 13th of October 2021.
This Orientation is a 6 Hour Program where we cover details about Cyber Security, Cyber Security Cube, Cyber Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks, Art of Protecting Secrets, Becoming a Cyber Security Specialist, etc.

214 students joined our Cyber Security and IOT Orientation Program from different colleges with an enthusiasm to learn about the concept of cyber security and IOT. Different Colleges like Acharya College, Narayan College, Dr. Ambedkar College.

It gives us immense pleasure to tell where the current generation who is so much into technology and gadgets are not just learning about technology but also looking forward on how to save themselves from different types of cybercrimes.