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A Teen Leadership Program (TLP)

A Teen Leadership Program (TLP) has been initiated for our students at the Udaan Center, in addition to the various creative learning programs that are already running. TLP is being run in collaboration with Creatnet Education., a Delhi-based organization.

TLP is an offshoot of the Youth Leadership Program (YLP). YLP aims at building leadership through conscious, continuous learning in young adults through a process of facilitation in a group learning format. Through this journey of sessions over 6 months, the youth connect with themselves and with other self-aware and driven individuals like them and explore the depths of leadership. They take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings while committing to deepening their understanding of themselves and strengthening their own practice. Last year 4 of our young leaders were selected for the same and underwent YLP. Out of all those who attend YLP, around 10 of them are selected to act as facilitators and are required to volunteer to facilitate school children and enable their learning. 3 of our young girls were selected as facilitators and are now facilitating the learning of the young cohort at our Udaan Centre.

On 31st October 2021, 24 students from the Udaan centre attended the introduction session for the team leadership program. Students met their facilitators for the first time. Then the students introduced themselves and the session was about a Life map of students where they did an activity regarding what they think of their Past, Present and Future.

The Program continues to help our students to learn all aspects of Teen Leadership Program.