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Covid-19 vaccines

“There are two types of Covid-19 vaccines. Live and Let Live. Live and Let Die- CHOICE IS YOURS”

We the team of DBM India are distributing free face masks and shields to our student community, to bring back a normal living and fight the war against COVID19.

As we all know we all want to get back the thing we love to do, get back to schools, study with friends, etc., and to help our students do the same we work on providing free facilities to our students and their families. Let’s join hands together and wear masks to keep ourselves and our families safe.
We are making every effort possible to bring back the normal course of life by giving them free facilities in regular intervals.
We have distributed 1500+ Masks and are on the way to make to help more societies to fight the pandemic on COVID19.
“To fight COVID19, Don’t fight with your mask”.