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Basic Amenities: Drinking water facilities and Toilet made for DBM adopted schools

Dharma Bharath Mission has three important verticles: Education, Employment and Empowerment. Under the Education vertical DBM undertakes a host of initiative with DBM supported schools. The first and foremost being providing nutritious Mid-day meal. In addition to providing a nutritious meal, DBM improves drinking water facility, water purifiers and also builds toilets for the school children. These are the basic minimum requirements, we feel and once these are taken care of, then we can focus on improving the educational standards of the school. It is a holistic approach, we also conduct health and hygiene camps so that they learn things like: washing hands,  not only at school but also at homes. We organize medical check-up camps, do deworming etc. We believe when the body is fit only then the mind will work. Last month a similar initiative was arranged in Maharashtra Vidhalaya & MGM school.