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We have successfully started conducting online classes

We are happy to announce that from Monday 20th April 2020, we have successfully started conducting following online classes :

Beautician classes – attended by around 40 students
MSCIT classes – 55-60 students
CISCO online courses – 70 students
Pre-primary Teacher training -40 students
Thus almost 200 students are being trained everyday ! We will soon start even tailoring classes.

DBM has been skilling some 1800-2000 underprivileged youth especially women at its various centres annually and it was heartening to see those placed by us were somewhat better in managing the #lockdown crises.

We thank all of you who have continuously supporting us both in our relief project as well as in supporting the online training. By working together we can try to ease the pain of as many people as possible and empower them through education / skilling. God bless us all.