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Growing up, I was taught the importance of sharing and how by shar­ing you not only make your­self feel bet­ter, but also make oth­ers feel bet­ter. With the lockdown being implemented by the government, sharing knowledge was one thing that was in my hands and that could’ve been achieved by being safe, following norms and would have made a difference in someone’s life!

Hi, my name is Shubnit Kaur Makkar and I am pursuing my Masters degree in Psychology.
It’s been a while that I have been associated with DBM and the experience is nothing but refreshing and enlightening. I have had an opportunity to teach young women how to communicate effectively in English in their daily lives.

In today’s world to get through your daily life knowing how to communicate well has become extremely important.

The whole world has moved to e learning and the classic, old school technique of teaching- learning has taken a back seat. This is something we are all still adjusting to. Irrespective of all the uncertainty around us at times like these and having very limited resources, the students have been so keen on learning. They turn on their devices readily and willingly to learn and make the best of it. (How inspiring is that! )

When I joined DBM, I thought I will be the one making a small difference in the lives of the women I have been helping out, but it turns out that they have inspired me through the journey by being so inquisitive and respectful towards the process of learning. These women have truly made a difference in mine.

DBM is helping young learners like these women and many more children achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions without having a pandemic or any other obstacle get in the way. To play a small role in this process is so gratifying and heartwarming!

I heard about DBM from my mentor and I got in touch with Paramjeet Sir. After talking to him and learning about the remarkable difference DBM makes in one’s life I was more than excited to be associated with a team this warm and passionate. I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity.