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Hi, I am Shloka Singh currently pursuing Bachelor in Engineering, in Information Technology stream.

I came to know about DBM India through IMFS, as I had attended a webinar organized by DBM India on Imagining the post covid-19 world with youth.

At that webinar I got to know DBM India and their initiatives for helping people grow in life, I was excited to associate with them and help in their initiatives.

I have always been taught at home that “vidya daan sabse bada daan hota hai” and since I am privileged enough to have a strong foundation with my concepts in studies and I had an opportunity to help the unprivileged children so I decided to take up the opportunity to teach 10th standard students.

The journey was beautiful and I learned the value of education. As everything was online and it was my first experience, hence at first students took time to get comfortable with the online learning mode, and it was difficult for us also to understand if they were understanding what we taught.

“Kehte hain jaha chaah hai, vaha raha hai” -gradually students got used to it and became friendly with us and started interacting like friends . The best part was that they used to fight to answer the questions we ask. This happiness of making them curious to learn was amazing.

I would love to be in touch with the students even after their school life and guide them whenever needed, as a mentor.

I am grateful to DBM India as this year I celebrated Teacher’s Day as a teacher and not a student, it was a totally different experience for me and one of the best days of my life and it is all because of DBM India.

I am happy that I was able to help students in one of their very crucial years, which will be their stepping stone towards success.

Lastly I would like to thank Gopal Sir, Rajesh Sir, Graciel ma’am and our students for making it possible for us to enjoy teaching.