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DBM’s Red Cross Day Celebration

On 8th of May, 2019 Dharma Bharathi Mission celebrated ‘World Red Cross Day’ in association with Indian Red Cross Society. The venue of the event was DBM’s Govandi Centre. It gave us immense happiness and deep satisfaction to observe 100 students participate in activities like drawing on the topics : ‘Save Nature, Save

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Young Jayshree collects 430 books for DBM’s upcoming Library in Mankhurd school

On demand of the book lovers and enthusiastic students from the less privileged strata of society, DBM decided to set up a library for an adopted school in Mankhurd.To implement this project, we immediately contacted our friends and well-wishers to assist us by donating books and spreading the message. Many DBM

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Basic Amenities: Drinking water facilities and Toilet made for DBM adopted schools

Dharma Bharath Mission has three important verticles: Education, Employment and Empowerment. Under the Education vertical DBM undertakes a host of initiative with DBM supported schools. The first and foremost being providing nutritious Mid-day meal. In addition to providing a nutritious meal, DBM improves drinking water facility, water purifiers and also builds toilets for the

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DBM celebrates 11 impactful years

On the 9th of February, Team DBM organized and celebrated 11th Foundation Day. This day is and will always be very special for us, as a young organisation we are growing every day and we work with new zeal to achieve our mission: Education, Employment and Empowerment. We were overwhelmed with gratitude as

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